Far from Boston, but still...

“Never lost a case!”  That’s our Denny Crane motto.

Zero risk! That’s another one, though we’d never go quite that far publically. We’ve got a reputation for being a bit risky, always having to do things differently and complicating them… So?

We’re results driven. A big part of our job is to reduce consent and market risk and to reduce consenting time. We do that by designing the right solution – not the ‘easy’ one. That usually means breaking rules. And if you break one, you might as well break them all. The results? We get much more value, much quicker. And we’ve never lost a case.

Portfolio examples
Project list
  • Ahuareka Estate
  • Albany City Centre
  • Arthurs Point
  • Auckland Airport Landside
  • Kaukapakapa South
  • Carlile House
  • Wilson Home
  • Waikanae North
  • EUL, Taupo
  • Rangitahi Peninsula
  • Cullen Bay, Darwin
  • Prestons Farm Project
  • Ayr Street Subdivision
  • Victoria Road Subdivision
  • Lake Road Precinct
  • Left Bank Lanes
  • Portland Rd
  • Key Activity Centre, Halswell
  • Meadowlands
  • Hobson St 185 Proposal
  • Liddle Estate
  • Waimauku Estate
  • Mt Fyffe subdivision
  • Mokau Sands
  • Ngarara Farm Development
  • Queenstown Airport Mixed-use Zone
  • Smash Palace
Client list
  • AIAL
  • Neil Group
  • Wilson Home Trust
  • AMP Capital
  • Auckland Council Property
  • Taupo District Council
  • Raglan Land Co
  • Paspaley Group
  • MC2
  • North Shore City
  • The Wellington Co
  • Danne Mora Holdings
  • Cornerstone
  • CPC
  • KITL
  • Maypole Environmental
  • Mitchell Partnerships
  • Preliminary development and feasibility modelling
  • Preliminary investigation and options testing
  • Strategy and visioning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Consultant team procurement and management
  • Preparation consultant briefs
  • Design management
  • Reporting
  • Value engineering
  • Brand development