Driving the Music

We’ve been voted as one of the top 5 infrastructure companies in NZ by the industry itself. Odd, we know, in that we’re not even an ‘infrastructure company’. But we know why – every major infrastructure project we touch we reduce the cost, we manage to deliver much more, and the BC’s go through the roof.

The reason for the success is simple – we actually design rather than just specify. We work closely with good engineers to manage the specification, but that’s their job and we love them for it. However, what’s specified has to come from a real design in the first place rather than from some cookie-cutter, but the code ‘solution’. Our skills lie in understanding everything that lies outside the infrastructure, knowing how they relate, and designing around that relation for maximum benefit to all. Design is what we do. It’s what we’re very good at.

Portfolio examples
Project list
  • AIAL New Integrated Terminal Building
  • Auckland Airport
  • Broome – 30 year vision
  • Broome – Marina
  • Broome – Waterfront Precincts Planning
  • Ferry Terminal Development Design
  • Darwin Airport
  • EUL Development, Taupo
  • Gulf Harbour Eastern Boat Harbour
  • Kaikoura Strategic Plan
  • New Lynn TOD
  • Tamaki  Innovation Precinct TOD
  • Peacocke’s Area Southern Link
  • Picton Marina
  • Ports of Marlborough Strategic Work
  • Queenstown Airport
  • Shakespeare Bay
  • State Highway 1  – Kapiti Coast
  • Waikawa Bay – Marina Development
  • Western Link Road
Client list
  • Auckland International Airport
  • Darwin Airport
  • Queenstown Aiport
  • Charta
  • Auckland City Council
  • Adare Co
  • KITL
  • NZTA
  • Kapiti Coast District Council
  • Ports of Marlborough
  • Shire of Broome
  • Land use assessments
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Feasibility models
  • Development capacity mapping
  • Integrated design
  • Design management
  • Options testing
  • Value engineering