Ahurareka Estate, Beachlands, Auckland, NZ


Ahuareka Trustees limited

Ahuareka has been designed as a sustainable mixed use village based on the best old-world traditions of town and country building, all within commuting distance of Auckland City. Common Ground developed the design for a compact settlement of over 200 houses within a footplate of just 20% of the 100ha site area (compared to just 20 lots allowed under the current rules.

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Backed by a robust land-capacity analysis, a comprehensive design approach and low-impact engineering, the project team successfully argued through both Council Hearings and the Environment Court that the village approach developed by Common Ground delivered not only on Councilā€™s high-level policies and objectives, but was more sustainable and desirable than what the rules were enforcing.

This development has influenced a changing planning position of allowing appropriate development in peri-urban environments by demonstrating qualitative and quantitative environmental and economic benefit to the community.

  • Concept and Visioning
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Land use Planning & Strategy
  • Masterplanning
  • Architectural concepts (including Typologies development)
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Consultation
  • Hearings and Environment Court

Value of Project:

NZ$200 Million (2012)
Value of Consultancy Services:

NZ$450,000 (2012)

Added Value:

  • Successfully achieving a development approach not allowed in rules
  • Increase in yield from 20 to over 200 houses
  • Revitalisation of the land as an economically viable farm
  • A more sustainable and resilient approach to infrastructure provision and waste minimisation
  • Design response that delivered increased market value
  • Creation of a sustainable mixed use village underpinned by comprehensive Urban Design Framework
  • Development on just 20% of the 100ha site
  • 200 unique houses based on just 12 house types
  • Incorporation of commercial activities and retention of working farm
  • Facilitation of coastal walkway network
  • Successfully defended through Council Hearing and the Environment Court

Current Status:

Resource Consent granted (2015)